We source the home brew finishing hops we offer from the companies who supply Australian breweries to ensure they are fresh.  To maintain their freshness and minimise oil loss we cold store all of the hops.

Sometimes a recipe for a home brew beer calls for a specific variety of hop to create a unique flavour or aroma note or you may be seeking a particular hop that may be unavailable for some reason. If that’s the case, don’t panic! Over 120 hop varieties have been developed over the years. Some have very similar lineage and as a result have similar, if not identical characteristics. Just click on the link to discover an alternative hop.

Alternative Hop

***We cold store our hops to limit oil loss.***

Hop Best Before Life
Room Temperature: 3 Months
Refrigerator below +5.0oC: 3 Years
Freezer below -15.0oC: 5 Years

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Finishing Hops

Amarillo Finishing Hops 12g

Amarillo finishing hops have a pleasant tropical and citrus ...

Total: $ 3.50

Azacca Finishing Hops 12g

Azacca finishing hops are dual purpose hops. Provide aromas ...

Total: $ 3.50

Calypso Finishing Hops 12g

Calypso Finishing Hops provide a crisp, fruity aroma. ...

Total: $ 3.50

Cascade Finishing Hops 12g

Cascade finishing hops provide a spicy flavour with a ...

Total: $ 3.50

Centennial Finishing Hops 12g

Centennial finishing hops are suitable for bittering and as ...

Total: $ 3.50

Challenger Finishing Hops 12g

Challenger Finishing Hops feature a mid range bitterness ...

Total: $ 3.50

Chinook Finishing Hops 12g

Chinook Finishing Hops offer a slightly spicy and piney ...

Total: $ 3.50

Citra Finishing Hops 12g

Citra Finishing Hops provide distinct citrus, tropical ...

Total: $ 3.50
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