Brewing supplies offers a range of beer guns and beer taps for the home brewer. Our guns range from inexpensive plastic guns to long life full stainless steel commercial grade beer guns.

*Beer line is not reinforced high pressure tubing. We advise all customers do not use high gas pressures for dispensing in any keg system as you are at risk of rupturing the beer line. No one wants to waste their precious brew this way. Trying to save a few cents by not bleeding high gas pressures after cylinder carbonation is the sure way to loose a brew.*

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Guns & Taps

Bronco Picnic Tap Kit

Bronco picnic faucet with flexible beer line for ...

Total: $ 20.95

Brumby Picnic Tap

Ideal for making keg system portable. 150psi hose.

Total: $ 21.99

Intertap Long Shank Stainless Steel Fridge Door Tap Assembly

High grade full stainless steel door or wall tap for home ...

Total: $ 94.99

Premium Full Stainless Steel Pluto Gun

Full stainless steel pluto gun with 6mm barbed fitting

Total: $ 85.95

Stainless Steel Keg Tap On Disconnect

Full Stainless Steel Auto close Draught tap with German ...

Total: $ 69.99

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