Wine Making Fermenter Parts

 Effective fermentation of fruits and vegetables to make wine requires equipment which is good condition and bacteria free. It is suggested to check all equipment before fermenting is started and replace stained, tainted or damaged equipment to avoid product wastage.


When replacing O-rings for carboy fermenters ensure you purchase the correct O-ring for your home brew equipment.  O-rings come in different sizes to fit various carboys:

AMPI - 10mm thick with a 245mm diameter

Atlas - 7mm thick with a 270mm diameter

BMW/Rheem - 10mm thick with a 190mm diameter

Davis - 8mm thick with a 245mm diameter

VB - 8 mm thick with a 220mm diameter

* Make sure you measure the O-ring you want to replace so your new O-ring is a correct fit!*

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Fermenter Parts

Ampi Fermenter Lid 30lt & 60lt (No Seal)

Ampi Carboy Lids are recognised by the full handle in the ...

Total: $ 12.95

Barrel Tap & Nut

Brewing fermenter Italian style wine tap. This tap has a ...

Total: $ 4.50

Demijohn Bored Bung (5&10 litre)

Bored Demijohn bung. 24-38mm x 50mm. Suits 5 & 10l demijohn.

Total: $ 6.99

EZ Filter Snap Tap (With Backing Nut)

Still Spirits Snap Tap suits EZ Filter System. It may be ...

Total: $ 9.95

Sediment Reducer

Fermenter tap sediment reducer. Fits fermenter tap back end ...

Total: $ 1.15

Snap Tap 20mm

20mm carboy snap taps have an easy to use cam lever action ...

Total: $ 7.95

Three Piece Senior Airlock

Three piece tapered shank Senior airlock/bubbler.

Total: $ 4.95

Top Hat Grommet 30lt Pail

Designed for 30lt Mangrove Jack's pail lid with 12.5mm ...

Total: $ 3.95
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