Thomas Coopers beer kits contain high quality malts and hops which are chosen to produce a range of unique beer full of flavour and aroma. These kits allow the brewer to use their kits as traditional home brew kits where additional dry or liquid malts are used to make a delicious high quality beer, or to use them as a base to craft other beer.  Coopers offer brewers a growing range of craft beer recipes to be used with their Thomas Coopers craft beer kits. 

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Thomas Coopers Craft

Thomas Coopers 86 Days Pilsner

Golden colour, subtle malty sweetness, herbal notes, bitter ...

Total: $ 24.50

Thomas Coopers Bootmaker Pale Ale

American Pale Ale,amber colour, toffee malt flavour, ...

Total: $ 24.50

Thomas Coopers Brew A IPA

American style IPA, amber colour, citrus/grapefruit notes.

Total: $ 24.50

Thomas Coopers Devil's Half Ruby Porter

Black porter,chocolate toffee malt character, moderate ...

Total: $ 24.50

Thomas Coopers Family Secret Amber Ale

Deep copper, mid bodied, caramel malt,nutty finish, citrus ...

Total: $ 24.50

Thomas Coopers Golden Crown Lager

In the tradition of Maxwell Cooper’s original classic lager

Total: $ 24.50

Thomas Coopers Inn Keeper's Daughter

Inn Keeper's Daughter Sparkling Ale creates a deep golden ...

Total: $ 24.50

Thomas Coopers Preacher's Hefe Wheat

Belgian style wheat beer with a hazy gold appearance,creamy ...

Total: $ 24.50

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