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Element Information

1 year replacement warranty when used as directed:
Element seals for an exposed element should inspected and replaced regularly to prevent leakage and possible short circuit.
Element must be submersed by a minimum 250mm of fluid at all times when powered to prevent element over-heating.
Use the correct earthed din plug for the element purchased
An exposed element is not warrantied for use with sugar rich fluid mixtures.
All exposed heating elements should be regularly decaked to prevent damage to the element.

User Advice:
Inspect cords and boilers before each use.
Do not use elements with extension cords.
Do not use cords or elements which have been overheated.
Do not use elements or powered boilers which cause electrical safety devices to open circuit.
Do not attempt to install or replace internal elements unless you have a licence to do such repair.
Have elements, leads and powered boilers tested by a Certified testing authority every six months.
Failing to follow usage directions will void warranty.

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Boiler Parts

Turbo Boiler To Fermenter Kit

Converts 25lt Turbo Boiler To Fermenter.

Price: $ 34.99

Element Cord Grooved DIN Plug Earthed

Earthed 10 Amp 240 volt, Complies to Australian Standards

Price: $ 17.99

Element Cord Non Groove DIN Plug

Suits 2200w probe element. No groove in DIN socket.

Price: $ 10.99

Element Nut

Suits Still Spirit, Essencia, and Brew Cellar Boiler ...

Price: $ 15.99

Boiler Element 1380 Watt

Suits early Essencia and Still Spirit boilers larger than 5 ...

Price: $ 64.99

Ceramic Boil Enhancers 30g

Boil enhancers aid the start of the boil process to ensure ...

Price: $ 4.99
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