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Samuel Willard has been influential in producing a wide variety of specialised flavours popular with home brewers. No matter whether it is the Gold Star range, Samuel Willards Premium range , or Samuel Willards Smooth range , Samuel Willards will provide a flavouring to meet home brewer's tastes.

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Willard's Spirit Flavours

Willard's - Smooth Rum

In the style of Bundaberg Red. Spice aroma with wood and ...

Price: $ 11.75

Willard's - Smooth Whiskey

Deep yellow gold, with a delicate and slightly smokey aroma

Price: $ 11.75

Willard's - Smooth Bourbon

Has a slight hint of vanilla with floral notes and dry oak.

Price: $ 11.75

Willard's Premium Queensland Rum

Rich in colour and taste. A sugar cane and carmel flavour.

Price: $ 10.99

Willard's Premium Kentucky Bourbon

A Jim Beam style bourbon flavour with smokey and grainy ...

Price: $ 10.99

Willard's Premium Jamacian Dark Rum

A rich caramel colour with a full Caribbean rum flavour.

Price: $ 10.99

Willard's Premium Vodka

A smooth, pure tasting, Russian style vodka flavour.

Price: $ 10.99

Willard's Premium Tennessee Bourbon

Jack Daniels style bourbon flavour. Sweet and slightly ...

Price: $ 10.99

Willard's Premium Highlander Whiskey

Peat flavour, heather overtones and a hint of spice.

Price: $ 10.99