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Closure Information.
The surface area of the cork which comes into contact with the bottle neck governs the quality of the closure.
VHA Agglomerate corks are made from ground particles held together with polyurethane glue.
Agglomerate closures effective sealing life may be as low as six (6) months.
VHC Colemate corks are natural corks which have had the external surface treated with glued particles to fill surface imperfections to improve their sealing capability.
Corks may be soaked in a hydrogen peroxide based no rinse sanitiser mix for 30 minutes before corking.
Do not boil modern Colemate or Agglomerate corks. Boiling modern corks damages the particle glue resulting in an inferior seal from when bottled.
Hand corkers may damage corks during insertion. It is recommended to use floor corkers to maximise cork effectiveness.
Corks should be inserted in one complete movement to prevent damage to the cork and possible seal failure.
Bottles should be cleaned with a  suitable cleaner and then sanitised with a suitable no rinse sanitiser before filling. Cleaning and sanitising are two separate processes.
Sanitise all filling hoses, tubes, or bottling valves etc before use. Limit air contact during filling. Apply closures as soon as possible after filling.
Avoid turbulating or frothing wine in bottle while filling. Do not over fill to allow for pressure change. Leave a minimum 20mm clearance between wine and closure. 30mm minimum for sparkling wine.
Stand corked bottles vertical for five (5) days to allow gas to escape before racking to age.
Crown seal caps are designed for use with traditional crown seal bottles for aging home made sparkling wines.
Nothing contained herein is representative of a warranty or guarantee.
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Wine Closures

Crown Seals Black 250

Fit standard crown seal bottle

Price: $ 11.99

Crown Seals Gold 250

Fit standard crown seal bottle

Price: $ 9.99

Crown Seals Green 250

Fit standard crown seal bottle

Price: $ 11.99

Crown Seals Olive 250

Fit standard crown seal bottle

Price: $ 11.99

Crown Seals Red 250

Fit standard crown seal bottle

Price: $ 11.99

PET Beer Bottle Caps (60)

Plastic screw on caps for homebrew PET beer bottles.

Price: $ 10.99

Plastic Top Colmate Bag (30)

Colmated cork 29mm x 20mm Bag of 30

Price: $ 12.99

Plastic Top Colmate Cork

Vintner's Harvest Plastic Top Colmate Corks 29x20mm.

Price: $ 0.50

VH8 Colmate 22x44mm 100 Bag

Natural cork with outer surface filled to remove ...

Price: $ 26.99
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