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Cleaning and sanitising are two different processes essential to making quality home brew or home manufactured food products. Sanitising means more than just washing equipment. Sanitising is performed after cleaning to prevent wild yeast and bacteria from occurring in your product during its manufacture. 

For those making beer or wine, wild yeast and bacteria are your enemy. They will ruin your finished product causing off flavours and aromas. They can destroy the alcohol in what you brew.

If you are making cheese or yoghurt, yeast and wild bacteria may also be your enemy.

If you are making sausages, jerky or processed meats of any description, yeast and most bacteria are your enemy. In fact some bacterial infections if poorly managed can have fatal consequences! That's why most of us feel home made when done properly with the correct cleaning and sanitising procedures etc is best.

"It means using the right products for the right job at the right time." Always keep your work area and the equipment you use clean and sterile. We have a range of products to help you do this. 

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Distillation Cleaning

Bottle Brush Home Brew Tipped

Large 70mm diameter brewer's brush

Price: $ 7.99

Brewer's Detergent 500g

Brewer's Detergent (Sodium Metasilicate) is a general use ...

Price: $ 8.99

WBS Element Decake 100g

Used to prevent hardened build up on exposed boiler ...

Price: $ 3.99