Beer Pouch kits are cold filled using nitrogen technology to provide ultimate contamination-free products. The low temperature filling process retains the delicate flavours and aromas traditionally lost during the pasteurisation of cans by prolonged heating and hot filling. Each pouch kit contains the master brewer's choice of malt and hops, and includes a selected yeast to produce an exceptional kit beer.

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Mangrove Jack's Traditional

Mangrove Jack's Blonde Lager

Lightly bittered pale gold lager. Sweet,fruity, dry after ...

Price: $ 21.99

Mangrove Jack's Crossman's Lager

Pale straw lager with slight honey flavour notes.

Price: $ 21.99

Mangrove Jack's Lucid Pils

Golden colour,white head.Delicate aroma lingering bitter ...

Price: $ 21.99

Mangrove Jack's Lucky Goat Pale Ale

Pale ale with fruit and vanilla undertones, white head

Price: $ 21.99

Mangrove Jack's Northern Star Bitter

Dark amber bitter ale,with fruity aromas,firm bitterness.

Price: $ 21.99

Mangrove Jack's Rustic Brown Ale

Rustic dark brown colour with tan head, Notes of fruit and ...

Price: $ 21.99

Mangrove Jack's Working Man's Stout

Black stout,tan head.Berry fruit aroma with chocolate notes.

Price: $ 21.99

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