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Liquid Oak

Spirits Unlimited American Oak

A distinctive American oak cask flavour. Makes 10 litres.

Price: $ 10.99

Spirits Unlimited Hickory Smoke

Hickory Smoke adds a burnt hickory flavour note. Makes 10 ...

Price: $ 10.99

Top Shelf - Mellow Oak

Mellow Oak flavour note for Whiskey, Rum and Bourbon.

Price: $ 8.85

Top Shelf Premium French Oak

Ideal for Brandy Scotish whiskey,dark rum.

Price: $ 8.85

Top Shelf Peat Smoke

Distinctive oak flavour found in many whiskies.

Price: $ 8.85

Top Shelf Oak Cask

A rounded oak cask flavour,an important whiskey additive.

Price: $ 8.85

Top Shelf - Cedar Oak

Imparts a drier oak flavour, often common to Irish whiskey.

Price: $ 8.85

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