Brewing Supplies Online 50ml litre essence range. Each flavour will make 2.25 litres of flavoured vodka or spirit. Simply add flavour and then wood chip as suggested to create a quality home brew product comparable to commercial products.

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Brewing Supplies Online

BSO Kentucky Bourbon Flavour

Creates a smooth Kentucky style bourbon. Makes 2.25 litres

Price: $ 7.95

BSO Tennessee Bourbon Flavour

Creates a home brew Gentleman Jack style Bourbon whiskey.

Price: $ 7.95

BSO Bourbon Flavour

Creates a straight flavour bourbon in the style of Turkey ...

Price: $ 7.95

BSO Qld Rum Flavour

Creates a qld style rum with a slight liquorice note

Price: $ 7.95

BSO Jamiacan Dark Rum Flavour

Creates for the home brewer a true Dark Jamaican style rum ...

Price: $ 7.95

BSO Blended Whisky Flavour

Creates a refined, blended, whisky. Makes 2.25lt

Price: $ 7.95

BSO Single Malt Whisky Flavour

Creates an American style malt whisky. Makes 2.25lt

Price: $ 7.95

BSO Irish Whisky Flavour

Creates an extra old barrel aged flavour Irish style whisky.

Price: $ 7.95

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