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Filter Parts

Better Brew Filter Pad (000) x2

2 Sterile Grade for removing all yeast and proteins from ...

Price: $ 6.99

EZ Filter Snap Tap (With Backing Nut)

Suits EZ Filter system or 19.0mm bored hole.

Price: $ 14.99

Still Spirits Air Still Filter Washers

Pack of 10 Still Spirits Air Still Filter washers.

Price: $ 6.99

Still Spirits EZ Filter Bottom Cap

Suits EZ and Inline EZ filters systems

Price: $ 3.95

Still Spirits EZ Filter Spindle

Suits 10litre EZ carbon filter assembly

Price: $ 5.50

Still Spirits EZ Filter Washer 40mm

EZ filter washer. Pack of ten.

Price: $ 6.10

Still Spirits EZ Inline Filter Spindle

EZ inline spirit spindle fits 10mm ID hose

Price: $ 5.95

Still Spirits Large Filter Paper 5 Pack

Used in early Z filter systems

Price: $ 2.10
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