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Target Finishing Hops 12g

Target hops have an intense aroma: spicy, floral, and ...

Total: $ 3.50

Simcoe Hops 50g

Passion fruit, pine, citrus notes. Suits:IPA, Pale Ale, ...

Total: $ 5.95

Tettnanger Finishing Hops 12g

Tettnanger hops are mild, pleasant, with a balanced earthy, ...

Total: $ 3.50

Spalt Select Hops 50g

Spalt Select is a craft beer hop providing spicey & floral ...

Total: $ 6.65

Victoria's Secret Finishing Hops 12g

Vic Secret are bittering and aroma hops with tropical ...

Total: $ 3.50

Sticklebract Hops 50g

Piney citrus character. Suits: Pale ales, ESB, porters, ...

Total: $ 7.95

Willamette Finishing Hops 12g

Willamette finishing hops are used as an aroma hop in ...

Total: $ 3.50

Tettnanger Hops 50g

Earthy hop,herbal and floral notes. Suits: German ales, ...

Total: $ 3.95

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