Still Spirits Turbo Sugar 2kg

Still Spirits Turbo Sugar is a propriety blend of brewing sugars and carbon to produce high grade spiritsurpassing standard white sugar spirit.
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Still Spirits Turbo Sugar

Still Spirits Turbo Sugar offered by Brewing Supplies Online is a blend of Brewing Sugars & pelletised carbon. It is the recommended home brew sugar when using Turbo Yeasts to create a high outcome spirit wash. It may produce over 20% ABV spirit washes when fermented correctly. It helps achieve the maximum alcohol from a brewing sugar wash while assisting in the production of a superior grade alcohol.  2kg of Still Spirits Turbo Brewing Sugar replaces 2kg of basic grade white sugar.

Use 6.0kg with Purple Classic 6 Turbo Yeast and 8.0kg of turbo sugar when using Blue Classic 8 Turbo Yeast.

Contents: 2kg

***Different outcomes are achieved for all products by different users. Nothing herein represents a warranty or guarantee.***


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