10lt Mini Keg With Ball Lock Posts

This 10lt mini keg is very versatile. Suitable size for making pre-mixes or small batch craft beer. No more bottling excess beer from a ferment.
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Total: $ 160.95
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 Mangrove Jack's Stainless Steel Cornelius 10lt Keg

A Mangrove Jack's Cornelius 10lt ball lock keg is a very versatile keg.

It is a portable take it with you ball lock keg. It has built in handles for easy transportation.

It can be used with a mini regulator and 15g CO2 cylinder for short term product dispensing.

To use as a party keg you can purchase a tap on a ball lock connect and attach to the product post for dispensing.

Fantastic for use as a pre-mix spirit keg. Just add flavour and spirit then top up with water. Mix well and carbonate for a few days.

No bottling or wasting that little bit left over from standard sized 23L beer batches and a standard 19L keg.

Keg features: Comes with ball lock connect and silicone dip tube. Has a Stainless Steel body with a Mangrove Jack's Embossed Logo

Operating warranty: One (1) year. Manufacturing warranty applies to keg body and metal fittings.

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