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Preserving Consumables

Fowler Vacola Seals No. 3 (12)

No.3 Bottle seal suits bottles Series 14,20,27

Total: $ 5.99
Tax amount:

Green Living Australia Pectin 100g

This is commercial grade pectin manufactured from citrus ...

Total: $ 15.99
Tax amount:

Green Living Cheese Making Salt 450g

Large grained Iodine free cheese making and preserving salt

Total: $ 3.25
Tax amount:


Jamsetta is used with sugar. Sets jam first time, every ...

Total: $ 2.65
Tax amount:

Mad Millie Artisan's Salt (450g)

Mad Millie fine Iodine free salt suits salt rubs and ...

Total: $ 3.50
Tax amount:

Misty Gully Kosher Salt 1kg

Made in Australia and certified Kosher. Used in curing ...

Total: $ 10.99
Tax amount:

Pomona's Universal Pectin Kit 28g

Does not require sugar for setting. Preservative free ...

Total: $ 14.99
Tax amount:

Preserving Wax

Fowlers Preserving Wax is the perfect airtight sealing ...

Total: $ 5.45
Tax amount:
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