10mm Bore Air Lock Grommet

Airlock grommet to suit: Ampi,VB,Atlas,Rheem,BMW carboys. Fits 12.5mm hole. 10mm bubbler hole diameter.
Ampi Fermenter Grommet
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Total: $ 1.15
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Standard Food Grade Fermenter Grommet

Fermenter Air Lock grommets should be made from food grade rubber and regularly replaced.

Air lock grommets will perish due to age, cleaning chemicals, and environmental causes.

Grommets should be replaced if hairline cracks are observed.

Air lock grommets are not all the same size.

Our grommets are designed for use in 12.5mm hole.

A good grommet seal is important at the end of wort fermentation when least CO2 is being produced to assist in protecting your wort from atmospheric contamination.

Advertised price per single unit.


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