The general rule when selecting the type of wood to use is that fruit and nut trees will produce a sweeter/milder smoke. These woods are best with white to pink meats, cheese, and coffee beans. Hardwoods will create a stronger smoke often best suited to red meats. 

Iron bark and gums may create a very strong smoke flavour and need to be used lightly when smoking goods. The main thing to consider is that you do not over do smoking. When smoking meats it is definately a case of less is more as smoke is to enhance flavour not dominate it.

Smoker unit manufacturers usually recommend the chip size which suits their smoker. If you want to slow down the burn rate just wrap your chips in aluminium foil with a few holes pierced in the foil and place in smoker box.

Wood chips may also be soaked in water for at least an hour then patted dry before use. Alternatively you can soak your chips in beer, wine, cider, fruit juice, cider vinegar, cold tea,  or cold coffee.

Smoker chips may be used in hot or cold smokers. Smoker chips are packaged by volume as smoker chip weights are affected by moisture loss after packaging. Effective heating temperature of chips  is from 800C to 1300C.

*** All woods are harvested and processed from either USA or Australian wood stocks.**

Misty Gully Chip Use Guide
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Jerky Smoking Chips

Misty Gully Gourmet Pear Chips 3.0L

Best suited for poultry, pork, and vegetables.

Total: $ 13.99

Misty Gully Gourmet Plum Chips 3.0L

Misty Gully Plum Smoker Chips provide a mild, sweet ...

Total: $ 13.99

Misty Gully Gourmet Hickory Chips 3.0L

Provides strong and sweet 'classic' smokey taste.

Total: $ 13.99

Misty Gully Gourmet Cherry Chips 3.0L

Fruity and sweet suits: coffee bean roasting, poultry and ...

Total: $ 13.99

Misty Gully Gourmet Apple Chips 3.0L

Apple chips create a strong, sweet and fruity smoke best ...

Total: $ 13.99

Misty Gully Gourmet Mesquite Chips 3.0L

Misty Gully Mesquite smoker chips provide a strong and ...

Total: $ 13.99

Misty Gully Gourmet Pecan Chips 3.0L

Misty Gully Gourmet Pecan Smoking Chips suits: all round ...

Total: $ 13.99

Misty Gully Gourmet Maple Chips 3.0L

Misty Gully Maple Chips provide a mild and sweet flavour ...

Total: $ 13.99
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