Craft distiller's specialist yeast for the production of spirits from fermented: raw vegetables, beets, grain or grain blends, liquid malt extracts, or molasses. Used in conjunction to a pot still where the wash averages 4% to 7% ABV. Usually used in conjunction to alpha-amylase or glucose-amalyse for maximum starch conversion. Available for making of  Vodka, Whiskey, Rum, and Gin. Allows the home brewer to create a repeatable, quality, crafted spirit.

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Distiller's Craft Yeast

Still Spirits Distiller's Whiskey Yeast

Specialist whiskey yeast to create a well rounded refined ...

Total: $ 3.99

Still Spirits Distiller's Rum Yeast

Creates full flavoured, smooth, rounded, rum base.

Total: $ 3.99

Still Spirits Distiller's Gin Yeast

Produces clean, crisp gin base suitable for gin making

Total: $ 3.99

Still Spirits Distiller's Vodka Yeast

Produces clean, rounded vodka base with an authentic finish.

Total: $ 3.99

Alcotec Whisky Distillers Turbo Yeast

Whiskey Distillers Yeast is for use with dry or liquid malt ...

Total: $ 5.10

Alcotec Rum Distillers Turbo Yeast

Rum Distiller's Yeast for use with liquid Molasses

Total: $ 5.10

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