Grain Flavour Boost Packs are "milled" specialty malt purposefully chosen to add to a home brew beer kit or even a craft recipe to add more complexity to the finished beer. It can reintroduce some of the flavour lost from heating the malts during manufacture of a basic kit beer. It can add colour, and aroma too. By adding a "milled" Flavour Boost Malt Pack you can broaden your range of recipes to craft your own favourite beer styles.


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Grain Flavour Boosts

Joe White Vienna 125g

It imparts a distinctive nutty, toffee flavour.

Price: $ 1.65

Joe White Wheat 125g

Wheat malt enhances head retention and increases foam

Price: $ 1.65

Briess Flaked Maize 125g

Brewer's flaked Maize increases the dryness and overall ...

Price: $ 1.45

Gambrinus Honey Malt 125g

Adds the flavors of honey, bread crust, toast, pretzel, ...

Price: $ 2.40

Gambrinus Naked Oats 125g

Imparts light golden hues while developing a smooth ...

Price: $ 2.25

Joe White Medium Crystal 125g

Contributes to the flavour, colour, head-retention and ...

Price: $ 2.15

Joe White Black 125g

Suits Old Style Ale,English Stout, Imperial Stout, and Dark ...

Price: $ 1.95

Joe White Chocolate 125g

Adds a nutty, chocolate flavour. Suits Porters, Bocks, & ...

Price: $ 1.65
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