Shipping And Returns  

Brewing Supplies Online does not perform hand to hand pickup or hand to hand return of purchased goods. Goods purchased from Brewing Supplies Online are invoiced and shipped using "registered courier services" as part of the sale agreement between the customer and Brewing Supplies Online. This provides increased security for your purchase. Shipping services are tracked services. Our suppliers perform Quality Assurance Inspections of their boxed goods to ensure boxed goods are complete prior to shipping so no incomplete items can occur.

To prevent damage to your purchase we do not ship: heavy metal objects; glassware; or liquid filled soft packaging in soft satchels.

Shipping service prices are influenced by: shipping package style, speed of delivery, goods mass or volumetric mass depending on which is the greater, the freight mass division offered by logistics providers which the  order suits, the distance or region to where a freight order must travel,  the purchase price of the shipping service from logistics service providers, recovery costs for packaging materials, handling cost to prepare freight and delivery order to freight centres; and calculated GST for total shipping service.  

If goods have a large volume but low mass then volumetric costing is performed by logistics service providers. Usually "multiple" small items can be shipped for the one price. When any of the parameters for a mass division are exceeded the next mass division for shipping is chosen. As part of special offers or discounted goods we may identify discreet shipping costs for individual items to specific locations: alternate delivery locations to those identified and/or additional items may raise this identified cost.


(Applies to indicated map locations only)

If you live in Ballandean, Crows Nest , Dalby, Gatton, Highfields , Laidley, Oakey, Meringindan, Millmeran, Pittsworth, Plainlands, Stanthorpe, or Toowoomba and purchase $110 - $130.00 of "consumable  goods only"  in one purchase from Brewing Supplies Online and your order meets stated  "conditions" (It must fit into a single carton and weigh less than 2.5kg)   then it's  free freight for that purchase. Freight is calculated on actual mass or volumetric mass depending on which is the greater.

Weight Range Freight Type Cost
 Below  - 0.5kg  Satchel  $13.95
 0.5kg  - 1.0kg  Satchel  $15.95
 1.0kg  - 3.0kg  Satchel
 Below  - 2.5kg  1 Carton  $15.95
 2.5kg  -  5.0kg  1 Carton  $17.95
 5.0kg  -  7.5kg  1 Carton   $19.95
 7.5kg -  10.0kg  1 Carton  $21.95
 10.0kg - 12.5kg  1 Carton
 12.5kg - 15.0kg  1 Carton  $25.95
 15.0kg - 17.5kg  1 Carton   $27.95
 17.5kg - 20.0kg  1 Carton   $29.95
 20.0kg - 22.5kg  1 Carton   $31.95
 22.5kg - 25.0kg  1 Carton 

Free Freight Conditions:
Goods value must be between $110.00 - $130.00.  
Purchase must fit into one (1) carton freight cost $15.95. 
Maximum of five (5) advertised items will be freighted free.
Maximum mass 2.5kg of purchased goods.
Consumable products may include hardware items less than $20.00 in value.

If a consignment exceeds the stated volume for the listed weights or Box numbers, an oversize surcharge will be added to the listed price for each extra box. Maximum volume: 1/5th cubic metre. To regional centres identified only. Other regional locations may require a national courier at a different freight rate. The fees identified are an estimate and may change due to change in courier charges. 

sth qld reg freight 


If an order is under 360mm x 250m, and less than 20mm thickness, with a mass under 500g, then it may be suitable for an Australia Post B4 registered envelop. B4 envelop shipping cost is $10.95. Orders thicker than 20mm are defined by Australia Post as small freight  and estimated as shown.   

 Small Satchel $13.95
 Medium Satchel
 Large Satchel
 X_Large Satchel $24.95
 Small Carton $14.95
 Medium Carton $18.95
 Large Carton $22.95
 X_Large Carton $26.95


Up to 500g $12.95
500g to 1.0kg $16.45
1.0kg to 3.0kg $23.45
3.0kg to 5.0kg $26.95



National boxed freight is defined by total mass, box volume, and delivery zones. It is for orders greater than 5.0kg up to 22kg and under .1 of a cubic metre. If an order exceeds the stated volume limit while having a low weight it is costed against a calculated volume weight. It is too complex to post in this article. If  you select an item to buy and  go to the shopping cart you can enter your "delivery post code".  Your bulk freight options will be displayed when you select freight options. Each time you add a new item freight will be recalculated for all the items in your cart. Not every post code may have bulk freight services available to that location.  The prices advised are based on freight providers base prices.National boxed freight may also require freight insurance.


Brewing Supplies Online does not provide change of mind refunds after your purchase has been financially processed. Please select carefully before committing to buy..

Hand to hand collection or hand to hand return of goods is unavailable.

The purchaser is responsible for the return freight costs to Brewing Supplies Online to effect a warranty  claim, fit for purpose claim, or refund unless the object has a large volume or size. In this circumstance Brewing Supplies Online will identify a mechanism to effect such claim. 

On small object warranty  Brewing Supplies Online will meet the one-way freight cost back to the claimant after the item has been repaired or replaced.

Non-Refundable Items

Some of the products and services we supply are strictly non-refundable.

Please see our list of non-refundable items below;

Brewing Supplies Online advises it does not offer refund or return for:

  1. Any edible food or drink product, brew can or pouch, yeast, malt or brewing sugar, additive or cure, culture or enzyme, flavouring or essence,  food or drink discount bundle, or seasonal food or drink product.
  2. Purchase transaction costs incurred by the customer, or return freight costs met by the customer to achieve a warranty, refund, or item replacement.
  3. Any product removed from original packaging, returned with damaged packaging, or considered unsuitable for future sale.
  4. Refund on an item that is not the item originally dispatched to the purchaser.

All refunds will be via an electronic funds transfer to the purchaser's financial institution. A restocking fee to the value of 10% of the goods sale value will be deducted from an any available refund.

If a refund is offered it will require "a copy of the original purchase invoice" to be provided to Brewing Supplies Online by the claimant as either hard copy or digital format.

We reserve the right to refuse a warranty claim if: goods do not have the proposed fault; goods damage has occurred from misuse; goods have been modified; incorrect documentation is provided to support a claim; or other appropriate evidence is not provided by the claimant to support the claim.

Refund may take as much as fourteen (14) days when courier freight services are used to return goods within Australia. For locations outside of Australia this may be extended.


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