Ampi Carboy O'Ring

Ampi Lid O'Ring: 10mm thick, 245mm diameter. Suits 15lt, 30lt, and 60lt.
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 Ampi Carboy O Ring

Carboy seals should be made from food grade rubber.

Carboy seals will whiten due to age and cleaning chemicals.

They may also harden and develop perish cracks.

Seals need regular replacing and should be replaced if hairline cracks are observed, any discolouring, or hardening.

This seal is designed for either a 15lt, 30lt, or 60lt Ampi carboy lid.

Your seal is important at the end of wort fermentation when least CO2 is being produced to assist in protecting your wort from atmospheric contamination.

O-rings come in different sizes to fit various carboy styles:

AMPI - 10mm thick with a 245mm diameter

* Make sure you measure the O-ring you want to replace to get a correct fit!*

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